Fantasy in Mosaic

Fantasy in Mosaic

By Orna Fichman
In Greek the word mosaic river stone and river stones were widely used in Ancient Greece to make flooring

The art of covering floors and walls with small natural stones or glass fragments {tesserae} was commonly applied in the Roman Empire in public buildings and the homes of the wealthy

Mosaic illustraitions depicted mythological scenes as well as more mundane activities like hunting fishing agriculture games circuses or simple examples taken from everyday life

In the Byzantine era churches were decorated with geometric designs or scenes from nature reproduced in mosaic. At a later date scenes from the Old and New Testaments were reproduced This proved an effective way for the Church to deliver the message of the new religion to all believers using the simplest and most attractive visual means

Some 1000 ancient mosaic floors have been discovered in Israel almost all from the AD} centuries th7-thByzantine era {4

Those found in synagogues depict plants geometric designs animals Biblical scenes and jewish symbols later in the Renaissance period mosaics were replaced by fresco paintings

Century that mosaic art was revived largely thanks to the thwas only in the in the 20th works of Spanish artist and architect Antoni Gaudi as well Nikide Saint Phalle and Friedensreich Hundertwasser

The mosaic works by Ayelet Sela have evolved from her extensive knowledge and skill in original cutting edge mosaic techniques as well as her familiarity with other disciplines such as ceramic sculpture papier mach design and jewelry making

In addition to the usual more familiar materials used in mosaic such as ceramic tesserae natural stone and glass she also integrates into her designs shells beads small pieces of jewelry and ceramic objects either of her own creation or collected on travels around the world over the years they include glass flowers porcelain miniatures crystals and decals all of them colorful and exciting

My three dimensional pieces display a number of motifs amorphic vessels female figures draped in fashionable attire water plants shells starfish fantasy fish amphibians and still life Alongside these three dimensional designs you will also find mosaic inspired by them and reworked into a smaller two dimensional format

My mosaic motifs never repeat themselves They may be geometric taken from flora or both combined my work process is sometimes spontaneous and associative sometimes defined and carefully thout out

There is not a single piece that does not conceal some kind of surprise element its own unique touch of mystery mainifested in the way colors materials

texture are put together the addition of some “extraneous”object or the artist’s personal interpretaition of the subject matter The overall result is one of incomparable style and sensuality

Orna Fichman- Raanana Municipal Curatorm

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