Ayelet Sela

Gazit 2, Hod Hasharon, Israel

Mobile: 052 397-3781



About myself

What characterizes my work and style is the way I chose to combine classic mosaic styles with uniformity and harmony that dictates limits, with a range of materials, objects, shapes and colors.

I am fascinated and curious about the dialogue that is created between color and shapes, between one share and another, one color and another.

My works have evolved from my extensive knowledge and skill in original cutting edge mosaic techniques as well as familiarity with other disciplines such as ceramic sculpture papier mach design and jewelry making

In addition to the usual more familiar materials used in mosaic such as ceramic tesserae natural stone and glass, I also integrates into the designs; shells beads, small pieces of jewelry and ceramic objects either of my own creation or collected on travels around the world over the years. They include glass flowers porcelain miniatures crystals and decals all of them colorful and exciting.


  • During 2016 I was selected by the Town Muinicipality to design and contruct a 20 meter long decorative wall (1.80 m in hight) which depics scenes from the town and quotations from the poet Forst, related to eduction.
  • During 2006 took part of a compeition to design models of sea horses. All participants displayed their works in the municipat gallery “Yad Lebanim”. A statue jointly designed by Mrs. Sela and Mrs. Cohen was selected by the Raanana Municipality as winnere. As result, the model was enlarget to a 1.90 m hight statue and was placed in the center of the town lake.
  • In 1998, Mrs. Sela took part in Diamond Jewlry Design Exhibition in the Diamond Museum of the Diamond Exchange Building in Ramat Gan, Israel. Sela’ jewelry design named “the Peace Dove” reached to the final best 5 works.



March-April 2016

Type of exhibition: Group of 27 artists

Topic of exhibition: Female Associated Art Crafts

My display: A shape of a dress, made from paper-mold, coated with; natural stone, glass, porcelain, metal pieces, jewelry piece and Swarovski stone (all resemble embroidery)

Location: Town Gallery, Raanana

Curator: Mrs. Oran Fichman


March-May 2015

Type of exhibition: Group display of 15 artists

Topic of exhibition: Various Facets of Women

My display: Homage of two portraits of Firda Calo. Made from natural stone and Itlain smalti glass – 40×60 cm.

Location: Town Gallery, Raanana

Curator: Mrs. Oran Fichman


May-June 2012

Type of exhibition: Group display

Topic of exhibition: Framework Story

My display: Inspired by Franz Kafka’s story – the city which resembles the sun. Made from paper mold coated with smalti glass and ceramic

Location: Town Gallery, Raanana

Curator: Mrs. Oran Fichman


September 2012

Type of exhibition: Single artist

Topic of exhibition: Radiance from a Time Long Gone

My display: 30 works of mosaic of various types and styles, a collection from 10 years of work

Location: Hod Hasharon

Curator: Dr. Nava Sevillia-Sade


May 2010

Type of exhibition: Group, Israeli and Palestinian artists joint exhibition:

Topic of exhibition: Personal Readings of Antique Mosaic

My display: Interpretation about the 4 seasons, inspired by a mosaic work excavated in the north of Israel (Bet Alfa Synagogue), dated to the 6th century.

Location: The Mormon University, Mount of Scopus, Jerusalem

Curator: Naomi Weinstein


September-November 2008

Type of exhibition: Single Artist

Topic of exhibition: Fantasy in Mosaic

My display: Total of 40 works, of various types and styles, displaying high skills and new techniques in the mosaic arena

Location: Town Gallery, Raanana

Curator: Mrs. Oran Fichman





1984-1988                   Tel Aviv University, School of Art                                      Tel Aviv, Israel

Graduate Degree


1993-1997                   Omanit School Jewely                                                         Tel Aviv, Israel

Jewelry design and fabrication


2002-2003                   Shenkar College                                                                   Ramat Gan, Israel

Jewelry design and fabrication


2003-2006                   Tel Aviv Museum                                                                  Tel Aviv, Israel

Sculpture design and fabrication


2006-2008                   Studio of Sarit Pilz-Granit                                       Ramat Hasharon, Israel

Mosaic techniques

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טלפון נייד: 052-3973781

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